Hey butterfly;

I am Fairouz – an extra indecisive digital creator, writer and entrepreneur based in Cairo,Egypt. Since we are all a fam here, I need to confess to you something; I am bizarre, crazy , and most importantly a risk-taker. Life it did treat me well being who I am , and you know I don’t feel bad for being who I am at this point of my life, nor who I was. Definitely I had a hard time to know where I want to be , especially I am interested in so many things – including uninteresting things. I see life is just quite interesting, and I do not feel there is a be- existent odds to be in favors. I am pretty much a hopeless romantic – dramatic poet so don’t be surprised if you found yourself crying reading my archives. For the most important part – why do I call you “butterfly?”. Butterflies are colorful even in their darkest shades, and they die pretty quickly. Life sounds to me the same. We are to discover, implement, invest and provoke our names and connect our own chemistry together. You won’t find me here talking something certain- I will rant about business, writings, poetry, personal diaries and soon to be launching some international sessions and manuals to find your spark & get educated together.

You can call me ” rose the enthusiastic” because at my worst I write the best featured and famous poetry pieces. I will live once as a 20 years old lady, and so will you too. I love talking a lot – and since I have very critical trust issues – I prefer to write because people have something to reinvent over what we say. I always wanted to be TV HOST , but for now I am dealing with accounting and statics because business has a secure future and I am an independent woman. Lastly, I support all genders, races, and sexuality.

Feel always comfortable to contact me back and forth, and be your own pretty-itchy butterfly. I love you so much- in case no one told you so.

For the record:

Marketing Consultant Microsoft- at 18

Google Marketing Advisor – at 19

Entrepreneurship Instructor King College’s London – at 19

The Business of Filming OU – at 19

Building Human Connection in A Digital World Samsung – at 19

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